New Zealand has been geographically separated from other land masses for over 80 million years, so our native wildlife has evolved in isolation and in the absence of land mammals. When pests and predators were introduced they took a serious toll on the survival of our native plants, birds, reptiles and invertebrates, who were ill equipped to deal with the threat. Pests such as possums and rats compete with our native birdlife for food and habitat. They also eat the eggs and young and attack the adults.

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Maintaining the highest standards in pest control

With six years’ experience in providing the entire Auckland area with effective pest management services, Top Pest Control is the company you can count on. We not only rid your home of nasty pests such as possums, rats and insects, we also use a variety of environmentally friendly cleaning products so we don’t hurt the environment. We are happy to take on both domestic and commercial work.

24 hour support

Here at Top Pest Control, we understand that the more time you wait, the more damage pests are likely to cause your home. We don’t want your family to suffer any longer, which is why we provide 24 hour support, 360 days of the year.

Our New Zealand owned and operated company will be at your home or business quickly, providing effective pest management in no time.

The latest technologies

As we’re committed to providing the best rodent and pest management services in Auckland, we constantly research and explore the latest developments in technology. We want to provide you with the most effective relief from rodents, possums and other nasty pests possible.


Just because our services are so effective, it doesn’t mean they have to be overly expensive. We aim to make our services affordable to all homes and businesses in the Auckland area. Our number one aim is to keep your family and business safe from unwanted intruders..

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Possum Control

Possums are one of the greatest pests in Auckland. Possums can be carriers of T B, can wipe out native plants and insect life and pose a great threat on the environment.Top Pest Control is well aware of these threats and is here to provide expert support when it comes to ridding your property of possums.

The Threat of possums

Possums in Auckland compete with the local wildlife for a range of insects and berries. They also disturb nesting birds, eat eggs and chicks as well as native land snails.Local farmers are also concerned about possums spreading bovine tuberculosis. Possums are a threat to suburban gardens and can even cause problems inside homes, particularly in roof spaces.

What we can do

The team at Top Pest Control is here to provide expert support when it comes to possum infestations in Auckland. We can locate, rid and prevent possums from causing damage to your propertyand the local environment. Speak to our team today and we can put a pest control plan in place.

Rat/Mice Control

Rats; not many like them; especially when they are crawling around your food and your children. Speak with Top Pest Control today for effective treatment of ratsin Auckland.

The Threat of rats

Rats have a major impact on the environment in Auckland and across New Zealand. They dine on a range of native and often rare plants, fruits and animals which may cause species to die out completely. Ship rats cause the most damage to the wildlife as they are good climbers and can access high places such as birds’ nests. Kiore rats eat a wide range of native seeds, fruits, lizard and insects, threatening the local environment.

What we can do

Our Auckland-based team uses the latest technology and developments in pest control. We have the most advanced methods and chemicals for both the extermination and prevention of rats. Your home or workplace should never have to feel threatened by the presence of nasty rats. You can count on our team to get the job done properly, keeping your family safe. Call us today for a quote.

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mrs clarke

Many thanks for picking up 16 possums over the last year. In the last 3 weeks there have been 6 so I hope we are finally making a difference in the local population!

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